Beauties of Almaty region 10 days

The first day. The airport –Almaty (30 minutes).
At the international airport in Almaty city, you will be introduced to your guide, and he will accompany you. Placing in hotel rooms will go with our help, there you will have time to relax and prepare for awesome adventure in Almaty.

The second day. Almaty – Altyn Emel National Park (350 km).
The day starts with an early breakfast at 7 a.m. Going out from the hotel and moving to
Altyn Emel National Park at 9 a.m. After delicious lunch you will visit Singing Barkhan and Chokan Valikhanov’s water spring.
Singing Barkhan is a natural phenomenon, it has length of 3 km and height of 150 m. Its popularity is explained with the fact that sand makes beautiful sound, which sounds like an organ. From the top of the Barkhan a perfect view of surroundings is available. A thin stripe of Ili river is on the southern side, also violet mountains Sogety and Boguty, behind the mountains Ketmen ridge’s white tops. Placing in a hotel in the evening. Having dinner in the hotel’s restaurant.

The third day. Altyn – Emel (100 km).
On the third day after breakfast we go on our excursion to 700 years old willow, Red (Katutau) and White (Aktau) mountains. Katutau translates as «severe mountains». During the Permian period (approximately 240 million years ago) there were two huge active volcanoes. Mountains are mostly built from lava and volcanic soil. Some ancient sediments from the bottom of old ancient ocean Tethys are still maintained on the northern part Katutau and Aktau. Having lunch at the foot of the Aktau mountain. Mountains of cretaceous period. Aktau appears to be a world-wide known paleontological field. Remains of extinct animals are retained (crocodiles, turtles, gigantic rhinos, primitive predators), their approximate age is about 25-30 million years. Then, going back to hotels, having dinner and preparing for a brand new day.     

The fourth day: Altyn-Emel –Zharkent – Chundzha (350 km).
The day starts with breakfast at 8 a.m., then we set off for
Zharkent city.
In Zharkent we will visit sacred place Aulie-Agash. This sacred place is located in Koktal village, its location is in a tiny forest before our destination in Zharkent. All trees in this forest bend their heads in a mythical way to the direction of Aulie-agash, which is by itself a 700 years old colossal elm. Next to this place you can find a little mosque and one local caretaker Raya’s house, who is very hospitable to meet everyone. After lunch, we will move to hot water springs. Swimming in healing and mineral hot water springs, dinner and spending a night in a rest house.  

The fifth day: Chundzha – Charyn – Saty village (260 km).
In the morning at 9 a.m. after breakfast, leaving hot water springs to the
Charyn river. You will descend into the Charyn Canyon; among people it is popular by another name «Valley of Castles». Our lunch beside this river. This Canyon is a unique product of nature, creation of things like wind and water during 12 million years. The Canyon’s depth is 300 m.; extension is about 160 km. Mystical landscape will leave you unbelievably bright impressions. Moving to the village of Saty, where you are about to feel hospitability and everyday life of local inhabitants. Dinner. Spending a following night in a guest house.     

The sixth day: The Saty’s village – Kolsay lake (60 km).
After breakfast, morning moving to a famous excursion in the Kolsay lakes. The Kolsay lakes is one of the most stunning places of Kazakh nature. They are set at altitudes of 1800, 2250 and 2700 m above sea level. They differ from each other with dividing mountain landscape, which contains of three natural zones, and also variety of wild animals and plants. The Kolsay lakes are called gems of the northern Tian Shan. Spending a night in guest houses of local inhabitants, where again you will be able to feel hospitability and friendly atmosphere of their daily life.  

The seventh day: The Saty village – Kaindy lake – Talgar (330 km).
Having breakfast at 10 a.m., next a trip to
Kaindy lake on vehicles with cross-country capability. The lake is located on the pitch of Kungey Ala-Too’s ridge in the height of 1867 m above sea level among thick coniferous forest. The length of the lake is about 400 m, the deepest point of the lake is 30 m. Having lunch in guest houses and moving to Talgar ravine, placing in ethno village Huns, dinner at café of ethno village.

The eighth day. Talgar (Huns).
On this day you will have breakfast from 9:00 to 10:00. The beginning of the program «Kazakh village» in Huns with demonstrations of national traditions and customs. We know from earliest ages that our nation truly respects all rituals, and one of the main characteristics of the Kazakh nation is hospitability, it is considered to be a necessary duty. Throughout different times nomads did their best to please a guest. Due to it every traveler knew that they would be welcomed in each part of the Kazakh country. Also we are glad to pass and show our ancient traditions, customs and culture. A fascinating and cultural program is awaiting for you. Dinner. Overnight stay.   

The ninth day. Talgar – Turgen ravine – Almaty (180 km).
After having breakfast at 10 a.m. departure to
«Turgen waterfalls». Turgen waterfalls – one of the most visited touristic places in Almaty region. It is situated in the most beautiful Ile – Almaty National park. You will visit one of the popular waterfalls «Medvezhyi», 1,5 km of walking trip by a trail which will lead us to the mentioned waterfall. 30 meters-tall waterfalls «Medvezhyi» is located in a picturesque area among impending cliffs. Having lunch at the local trout farm and visiting Talgar’s ostrich farm. Lots of Chin-Turgen’s moss-coniferous spruces make the place look like it is covered with a carpet of spruces. In the evening we will return to the city’s hotel and dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.         

The tenth day. Almaty.
At 12:00 leaving the hotel. Having lunch in Almaty’s restaurant. The second part of the day will be given for shopping, for this reason you will have the ability to come to «Green Market», which is considered to be one of the most significant places of city for 100 years, in addition the factory «Rakhat» and big shopping centers. Dinner at the restaurant and evening transfer to the airport. 

Prices for 2019 year

Program cost per person in USD for a group:
Number of people in a group
Hotel category
3* Hotel
4* Hotel
5* Hotel
1 person
3400 $
3450 $
3570 $
2 persons
1970 $
2020 $
2140 $
3 persons
1490 $
1540 $
1660 $
4-6 persons
1176 $
1225 $
1350 $
7-10 persons
995 $
1040 $
1165 $
11-15 persons
830 $
875 $
996 $
16-20 persons
820 $
866 $
988 $
21-25 persons
765 $
813 $
935 $
26-30 persons
720 $
770 $
890 $

    The cost includes:
-   Accommodation in a hotel for 3 days (standard category breakfasts in the base).
-   Accommodations in a hotel, rest houses and guest houses in the program.

-   Supplies by a program breakfast, lunch and dinner (without alcohol), one day only dinner.
-   Transport services during the entire tour, including transfers.
-   All excursions, which are in a program, including entrance tickets, ecological fees.
-   A guide for the whole tour.
-   Mineral water in periods moving.  

The cost does not include:
-   Early arrival and placing in a single room.
-   Mini – bar and other services in hotel rooms.
-   Air tickets.
-   Visa support for Kazakhstan.
-   Medical needs and insurance.

-   Extra excursions, which are not included in the tour.
-   Alcoholic drinks.
-   Tips for personal services.